Friday, 26 September 2008


I don't work on my birthday - haven't for years. It's not just that I'm against working on my birthday (which I am, avoids all the fuss) - I just don't want to tempt fate.
Last time I worked on my birthday I was alone in the department (joys of lunch time - one staff member at lunch, the other running an errand, and me on desk) - wearing fairy wings & a tiara - hey, it was my birthday!
My working day ended at the police station, giving evidence after stepping in to an attempted bag snatching/assault in the women's toilets beside our desk. The sounds of screaming gave it away.
When, eventually, the errand-running staff member came back I said - 'next time you ask if I'll be ok by myself for a few minutes, the answer is no!'
Added to the fun was most of the senior managers were on a 'bonding exercise' or something. So ringing reception for one was entertaining. I started going down the list but by 3 names, had given up and said 'I've just prevented an assault, and I need a manager.' There was one very quickly found. Thank goodness for the senior staff member on the floor below who heard the screaming and came running upstairs. The weirdness of acoustics! The staff on the other side of the floor hadn't heard a thing!
The interviewing officer - at the station - wasn't one of the arresting officers, so was a bit nonplussed when an arresting officer walked past the interview room and said 'you look different without your wings.'
My family had visions of the girl I rescued telling everyone about how this guardian angel swooped in and saved her.
The interviewing officer was impressed with my description of the assailant. I'm such a girl I said her pale blue eyeshadow matched her faded denim jacket. And, when I said she'd tried to leave the scene to get her kids, he said 'she didn't have kids last time I arrested her.'
Fun and games at the public library...
All in a day's work.
And that's why I stay at home on my birthday...

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