Sunday, 26 April 2009


sorry guys... life interrupted my blogging...
I've actually been working while at work, so no time to write something vaguely interesting... And then I get home, exhausted, and can't be arsed!
But, in two weeks time I'll be in my new house! What am I looking forward to the most? It's hard to decide...
I don't have to talk to people if I don't want to...
If I don't want to do the dishes, I don't have to (but I'll know that they will have all been rinsed before leaving them on the sink bench)
If I want to eat a cheese toastie for dinner - or only eat dessert - then I can
I'll know beforehand that I am responsible for dinner, instead of figuring it out too late to bother eating...
I won't keep the toilet paper stores in the pantry, so I'll always have a new roll close by (so to speak)
I'll know to check supplies of boring stuff (like toilet paper, toothpaste, cat food) before going shopping... and I also won't buy a tube of toothpaste, just in case beccause I hadn't checked before hand (there are currently 4 new boxed tubes in our cupboard!)
I'll remember to turn off the computer at night, instead of leaving it on for days on end (hard to know to turn it off if I haven't been near it for days, and didn't turn it on in the first place)
I can watch what I want on TV! No more "Two and a half men" "Supernanny" or "Shortie"! Bring on "Merlin" and "Legend of the Seeker"!
I'll be able to be messy and not feel guilty
I can put my own photos on display and not have them replaced by someone else's!
It will be my own space - and I won't feel like an intruder on someone else's.

On the whole, the last few years have been positive - but it's time to move on.
I won't own this place - but then I'll have a landlord to sort out all the problems for me, and I won't have to feel guilty because I can't - or suck at gardening, so don't contribute to the upkeep.


  1. Yay Annie!

    Have fun in your new place...

    Yeah if figured out my RSS wasn't showing all my feeds :P

  2. Oh that was me Sean not Sal! Rotter's colonised my machine!

  3. How much fun... technology is so helpful...


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