Saturday, 30 October 2010

What I did on my vacation

Spent too much money...
Read too few books... [ie, had PILES - literally - to read, and have read ONE]
Knitted socks
Went to doctor for skin cancer check - all good
Checked and I don't have any signs of glaucoma or catarachs [however the hell you spell it]
Slept in and rested lots
Made 2 - yes TWO - lots of bread. One no-knead, one full-on kneaded. Photos coming later.
Made my own tortillas for tacos. Is that obsessive?
Ignored technology quite a lot - hence not visiting anything - including my blog.
And now - tonight is sports nights. League test and ABs v Wallabies. Bliss...
Signing off now, and will be back when back to work on Tuesday.

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