Thursday, 23 December 2010

Thoughts for a Thursday... dress dilemmas

Warning: very boring for guys... so don't bother reading on. Promise.

On Saturday I was on a mission to find a dress for Christmas Day. Hey, if the little guys can have new clothes for the day, don't see why I can't.

Anyway - the shop was open for less than an hour when I eventually left with one dress I'm 90% happy with. Leaving a pile of 10+ dresses that didn't cut the mustard. Said dress made the cut, but only with the addition of a t-shirt and shrug - which will not be worn at the same time).

I watch  things like Gok and Trinny & Susannah. I know from their shows - Gok in particular - that mine is the body shape people want (in theory - tho' one website told me I was plank-shaped. Thanks. Heaps.). This, however, did not stop the disaster / dilemma of the trying on.

I have a shape (albeit plank), which means dresses with lots of padding don't work. Squished-mono-breast is not the look I'm going for, in general. It also means support is needed. So, strapless can be a problem. And so can straps. I'd prefer wider straps, thanks, to at least attempt to cover the bra straps. Oh, and so halter-necks are out, too, for that reason. So, too, plunging necklines. I like my clothes to do double-duty: work and not-work. Cleavage may be great, but so not suitable in my work place! A hint, yep. Plunging - that would be a hell no.

It is difficult to be a 1950s-shaped person in a 1960s/70s styled fashion world. Sigh.

Hence the dilemma.  

I like dresses. I like the fact that on days like Christmas, when you're eating a lot, there's no restrictive waistband to make you uncomfortable.

But, again, the dilemma - the shape. I'm a couple of different 'sizes' in my one size. So, finding a dress that suits and is - for me - one-size-fits-all is a struggle. (Not just dresses, really - skirts / trousers also a problem. Yay for hipster styles, I say!) Surely I'm not the only one with such issues.

Anyway - I'm sure there will be photos so you can see how well I did.


  1. From FB:
    Hannah: Awesome! I might wear the dress I'm getting for Christmas from Murray's parents to Christmas dinner now just so I can wear a new dress too! But it is definitely not suitable for work. Empire line style top (adjustable straps, albeit thin) with floaty skirt so looks flattering, and can eat loads with folks none the wiser.
    MadHamster: Hopefully not the same one I have! Sounds similar!
    Hannah: It's from Onehunga dressmart? Mint green?
    MadHamster: Whew! Pagani - black & yellow... We'll look fab!
    Hannah: Absolutely!
    Hannah: My best trick for curvilicious body types (even if you're a small size like you) is vintage, or designers influenced by vintage - like Cherry Bishop. Love her to pieces!
    MadHamster: If only... like, if I could sew I could whip up some funky wee numbers as there are some great reissued vintage patterns out there.
    Hannah Hannah: Yeah, I wish I could sew, I think I'd make some amazing stuff!
    MadHamster: Based on my quarter-finished apron - I won't be leading the sewing circle next year :(


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