Thursday, 31 March 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday: Hateful words

There are two words – usually used together – that I think are the most hateful words in our language.



Think about it.

Creating - manufacturing - differences between anyone sets up opportunities for abuse. For hatred. For paranoia. For misunderstandings.

I don’t mean we have to all be exactly the same – I’m not advocating a melting point of sameness. Let’s celebrate the good things about our differences. Enjoy the colour and the vibrancy. But…



These are the words that lead to bigotry and genocide.

However we think of ‘them’, whoever ‘they’ are they are ‘other’. And ‘other’ usually has negative meanings.

Sometimes these words are implied. Sometimes they are implicit. And they are insidious. They sneak into your thoughts and your speech without realising.

All I ask is that we think about it. Maybe then we’ll have understanding and acceptance and joy.

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