Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Knitting hit list

Getting serious now... my list of current and upcoming / planned knitting projects:
  • Jod's birthday present: due around 1 October. Pretty much nearly done... only about 15 rounds to go. So, not so bad, except each round contains 406 stitches. Well, it's done with love, and not much cursing, I promise!
  • Kath's birthday present: due around 10 October. Haven't even started. Oops! Well, it's only part of her present.
  • For the WI October comps: due around 20 October: shrug - hunting for a pattern; teddy bear - have a pattern, haven't started, need to find yarn; fingerless mittens - done a few, but might do another pair.
  • For Mum to wear at WI October: 2/3 to 3/4 done. Shouldn't take long - it's only 15 stitches a row!
  • Christmas presents: 7 toys; and a couple of surprises.
Should keep me busy!

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