Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The joys of public transport

Normally it's an hour bus trip home - ie I leave work just before 5 and get home around 6 (5 minutes either side). Today, yep traffic on the motorway was bad - but the bus driver compounded the issue by deciding to take a detour out of the traffic. Bad call. It was bad everywhere. So (this will make sense to those with a bit of knowledge of West Auckland), instead of just getting off the motorway at Waterview (as per normal) or even Pt Chev and going along Great North Road, we ended up going past Pak'n'Save in Mt Albert! WAY out of the way. And walked in the door at 6.40... Ok, the time would probably be the same if he'd just travelled the normal route - but very disconcerting trip all the same.

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