Thursday, 15 May 2008

Winter wonder and woe

There are things I love about winter...
The clothes; the coats; the hats; the scarves... Western Springs on a cold morning. The crispness of the air.
There are things I loathe about winter...
The main one is - the lack of umbrella etiquette. Is it so hard to keep your (furled) umbrella close to your side - not sticking out behind you, ready to skewer unwary pedestrians?


  1. Etiquette - not really a winter thing but your earlier musings on public transport and this reminded me of my own personal public transport etiquette bugbear: those who sit on the outside seat no matter how ridiculously overfull the bus is.

    I know we'd all like to have a seat to ourselves, ride in comfort etc... but when people are deliberately withholding from other people the opportunity to sit down it's rudeness of the highest order.

    If I'm sitting I won't be able to do much else than glare at these people. If I'm standing I'll make my way so that I can ask them for the spare seat every time.

    It just makes my blood boil! Thank goodness I very rarely have a reason to take public transport (or rather, there's none between home and work so I have no choice...)

  2. or refuse to move their bags...
    even when I know I'm going to be sitting by myself for the rest of the trip, I put my bag on my lap.

  3. Exactly, it's obvious is someone chooses to sit next to you that's their right, and you shouldn't act to prevent it... just take your chances.

    I've been doing some reading on something called the tragedy of the commons - shared resources work fine unless someone chooses to be selfish.



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