Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Guard Kitty

So, there I was at home alone on Saturday night - had suffered through the All Blacks' loss, and was watching UChoose40, when a drunk and/or injured guy decided to camp out across my ranch slider - while yelling "call 111" and rattling the door to get in. Yes, I called the police - I'm not stupid - and thank god I keep the doors locked when I'm at home alone, any time of the day.

Police came quite quickly (female, at home alone with man on deck, what did you think), and they called an ambulance. When they arrived he'd moved off the deck to the driveway.

As soon as he'd left - I had Guard Kitty on duty. She'd spent the time he was on the deck, sitting on the coffee table staring at him. Now she was keeping an eye out... spent ages sniffing around the deck later, too.

I love Guard Kitty.

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