Thursday, 7 August 2008


Why is that hotels keep having cotton sheets & only one duvet - even in the middle of winter - and in Christchurch? Call me a wimpy Aucklander - but I have flannette sheets, and an electric blanket, and a blanket, and a duvet...

Why are the Olympics such a 'surprise' - we know what the kids are going to ask for every four years... but still we're caught on the hop. Related subject... why do organisations only put up their Olympic related sites a week or two out from the start of the games...?

Why has my cat started moulting - it's not spring, yet!

And... why are there so many daffodils & snowdrops out? Do they know something we don't...


  1. I'm still only using cotton sheets and a duvet, but that's because (a) my apartment is sufficiently warm enough (just) to get away with it, (b) I don't yet have anything heavier, this being the first winter since I moved out of home and (c) I have flannel pj's :)

  2. It's your years in Europe coming out... that's my excuse for you being tougher than me, anyhoo!


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