Friday, 15 August 2008

What are the coolest Olympic medals?

The other day the flatmate asked me what would be the top 10 coolest Olympic medals you could win for your country. We agreed on the top two without a problem, then discussed the rest... Oddly enough, most of them are men's medals - you know, the men's 100m is way cooler than the women's (sexual equality or not)
  1. Marathon
  2. Men's 100m
  3. Heavy weight boxing
  4. Individual overall gymnastics
  5. Weightlifting - but we couldn't decide on the coolest weight division
  6. 1500m [but this could be a result of being Kiwi kids & raised on Lovelock, Snell & Walker!]
  7. Swimming individual 200m medley

Then we got a bit stuck... any thoughts welcome

1 comment:

  1. You forgot equestrian 3 day eventing!

    Basically if it's a medal NZ wins regularly, then it's a cool medal.


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