Friday, 17 October 2008

Ponderings part 3

I'm still wondering about the sheet thing in hotels - I've solved my problem by taking a polar fleece away with me (but it's a pain to pack, I must admit)

Am I ever going to turn on the sports news and hear that the Black Caps have done well (brilliantly would be better) ALL match? Instead I hear "X and Y have pulled New Zealand out of a batting slump when they were some-ridiculously-small-number-of-runs for some-ridiculously-large-number-of-wickets". Again, why am I surprised? Mind games I tell you! [In an aside, then there was the Silver Ferns against England. UP down...]

Why am I obsessed with desserts? I don't usually eat chocolate or sweets. So that obsession with looking through dessert menus first is strange. If there are nice desserts (brulee tops the list, currently) then I'll decide to have an entree, rather than main. Hmmm... dessert... [yes, I even take photos of the prettiest desserts...]

Back to sheets (blogged about them before... what's with THIS obsession) I have finally found the t-shirt material sheets I've been searching for for years! But then - it was a 'set' of one fitted sheet & 2 pillowcases. Do you know how difficult it is to find a flat sheet - not in a set!!! (Had to settle for a flannette sheet...)

Have more photos to upload, then I'll work on the next post... more photos of the Oxford lookalike school... Just for you Philip!

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