Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday fav

Following on Thursday's thoughts (actually written moments ago)...
Here's one of my favourite photos of all time... well, one with me in it anyway... the cousins circa 1974.
Left to right: me (with a very cute white handbag - note it matches my shoes - and pink gun, what all girls need); Catriona; Jodz & Mike (with cute doll, probably borrowed from one of us girls)


  1. But what's that in the middle!!!

  2. Ah, a masterpiece of mosaic work as made by my dad... didn't every 70s house have a bird bath like it???

  3. Love the photo. What the hell was I wearing? No matching accessories for me. I bet it was Mikes doll all

  4. you're definitely in something 70s...


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