Friday, 14 August 2009

Thought for Thursday

Posted on Friday... I was too busy on Thursday to think...
Last night I sat on the living room floor going through boxes & albums of photos. My aunt's 80th birthday is coming up, and my cousin contacted me for old family photos. Well, she wanted my mum's details to get old photos - but I have them all, trust me.
As I looked through these photos - most of people I'd never met, some I have no idea who they are - I felt blessed by being part of them. Blessed by the knowledge that part of them is in me. Blessed by the strength of family apparent in all those photos. And burdened by the fact I have these photos - I don't know who to pass them on to - and I have to do something with them. I have a dilemma - do I use the original photos in any album I put together (while making them removable) or do I leave them in the original albums (some of which are held in the album with tape!)...?
But, mostly, blessed. It is family who mould you into yourself. And - on the whole - my have been great. Lessons have been learned, strength built, and love given.

PS - some things span generations... there will always be little girls who had having their hair brushed (photographic proof of Lynn circa 1956), young adult males will always be obsessed with cars (dad & his mate Mal), and some proud grandparent/parent will be around to take photos of new babies...

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