Monday, 8 February 2010

Coming over all domestic

My friends & relations know that I'm not the most domestic girl... I am a fan of some of the domestic arts - knitting, baking, etc - but housework is not my thing. I'd much rather knit & watch TV than do dishes, or cook & eat sensible food... The distinction is brilliantly described in Jane Brocket's The gentle art of domesticity.
To stay in budget for grocery shopping, I've been pricing my list out - online - then adjusting depending on what I can afford.
The other day I budgeted $30 for meat, then went to the butchery counter, where I can ask for 2 of something - 2 pork cutlets, 2 chicken thighs (organic & free range)... At home, I made up 6 hamburger patties from the mince, and divided up the steak & schnitzel. My, actually less than $30 on meat became 22 meals. So domestic...
And - unbelievably - last Friday I took a pack lunch to work. People were shocked. But not only that - the lettuce was from my garden, and the bread I'd made myself! Yes, ok, the recipe is so easy even a 4-year-old can make it - but, hey! Give me some credit for effort. And, I'm currently working on my second loaf.

Someone teased me, because I didn't have tomatoes from my own garden - but I had an answer - they're on their way! Look - a baby tomato! There are other babies in there. Are you impressed? I am shocked at myself. One day, I might even tidy up after myself.

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