Sunday, 14 February 2010

Reflections of a solitary hamster*

I don't look forward to this time of year - the whole Valentine's thing. It's not because I'm single, and feel horrid/left out/strange being single and the whole world seems obsessed by pairing people up - it's because the whole world is obsessed with pairing people up+.

The other day, I heard someone on the radio talk about a new book which encouraged women to accept 'Mr Ok' - that women were too picky, and that's why they were single. The commentator made some valid points - before I had managed to stop sputtering - that the single women he knew were really happy being single. That, if they got into a relationship, then he had to be really great for her to change her way of life. That such books assume women need to have a man to be complete.
Thanks Mr Commentator - I'm with you.
I am happy - content - with my life. I am too selfish, messy, lazy - to share a house with people - let alone a life & relationship.
So, I'll be spending this Valentine's alone - as always, and as I like it.
+on that note - why do magazine horoscopes ALWAYS assume you are in - or want to be in - a relationship? Where's the section for 'happily single'?
*Thanks Seanfish for the inspiration of the title of this post... it all makes sense here. And, no, I don't love anyone enough to share my last waffle.

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