Friday, 14 May 2010

Is it over yet?

Each week just seems to get longer... so - hardly any posts or facebooking... just work and sleep.

Also - scary enough - hardly any reading! This carpooling business - fab that is it!, and spending time with sister and b-in-law is great - cuts into my reading time (unlike a bus trip, it's quite rude reading while carpooling, and there aren't any lights inside the car).

When I get home - I'm knitting. Got birthdays coming up - so doing the present thing. Little Frog is turning 1 and, as a grand-aunt, I feel it is my duty to knit him something, in green, to acknowledge and celebrate his first year on earth as part of our family.

As to facebook - it is so slow, I don't have the time - or patience - to spend it waiting for things to load.

But - here you go - a picture for you. In honour of my dad - a Sharpie fan - and the whole Star Trek thing...

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