Saturday, 8 January 2011

Caturday... sleeping arrangements

So, it's summer. And hot at night. So why is it NOW that the Mollster decides to sleep with me (luckily, not ON me, which Erika's fluffy cat does - and only in summer).

Now, Mollster isn't just sleeping on my bed - but usually, curled up by my knees. This makes it diffcult to throw off the blankets when it get hots - which it does. You know what it's like - cold, hot, cold, hot... repeat wild temperature variations throughout the night.

Now, in winter - I have no idea where the Mollster sleeps. 'Cos it sure as heck isn't with me!!! Which, if I was in charge, it would be. Come on - non-moving blankets, electric blanket... what's not to like???

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