Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday favs... Georgette Heyer

Yes, I love most of books, and I'm going to read more this year - particularly ones I haven't read before... However, I've just finished Jane Aiken Hodge's biography of her - The private world of Georgette Heyer - which is fascinating. This wee passage had me nodding in understanding. I would like to be about to have expensive taste - but I do my best.

There was nothing egalitarian about Georgette Heyer. She thought the labourer worthy of her hire. Working hard, expected to enjoy the fruits of her labours. She liked the elegances of life, earned them, and bought them. Their chambers were well, if sombrely, furnished; she dressed impeccable and expensive taste, with a penchant for huge hats and the very best handbags and shoes. (Arrow Books, 2006; pp 112-113.)

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