Friday, 11 February 2011

Favourite things Friday: Masco

I've talked about Masco before -m the value of specialist shops, and why we should support them.

Last week, the lesson was brought home to me.

Before Christmas I'd dropped in to show all the socks off and Masco Lady mentioned how nice it was to see a complete pattern for some of the yarn. The swatches they get don't always show that. So, I dropped off coloured photos, with yarn type specified, of the socks I'd knitted, so they could use them as a reference.

Last week, I dropped in to Masco during my lunch break - it was the in-between pay week, so no money to spend - but I'd just finished a pair of socks made with yarn they'd just brought in recently. And Masco Lady told me that if I saw her, or Masco Man, I would get a discount of my sock wool, to say thank you. Because I'm a good customer. I buy my wool from them (it's a rare month when I'm not down there :)), I show them what the yarn looks like when it's made, and I gave them the photos once I realised it would help.

Yep. Small, specialist shops - the kind you can built a relationship with - rock.

And, it's one of the things I really miss working in a big central library - that lack of community and regulars. The ones you put things aside for, when they come in, or put requests in for. Or ask about their families. You know the ones. (They're also the ones who make you goodies at Christmas.) I miss that.

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