Friday, 8 July 2011

Stereotypes and shopping

A couple of months ago - on Fair Go - a nine-year-old perfectly expressed how I feel about clothes and jewellery. Check out the video here
Everything is pink and purple in girl-land - and hearts and ruffles.
Like young Shannon, I'm not a pink and purple and hearts and ruffles type of gal. I have no problem with those that are.
At least as a grown-up, I have more choice in clothes - black, really. Maybe some red or purple...
But jewellery... hmmmm... And decorations...
I don't do hearts. I don't do crosses. (I'm not a Christian, so why should I? Just like I don't do ankhs or hamsa. These are not my beliefs, but they are others. And I respect them, and show that by not wearing them as an accessory.)
And that is why I have spent four days dropping into a shop, trying to find jewellery I can cope with. 
The xx-genes in human females does not automatically indicate a preference for pink / purple / hearts / frills / lace / ruffles.
The xy-genes in human males does not automatically indicate a preference for navy / grey / cards / sport / fishing / argyle patterned socks.
So, here I am, struggling to express individuality when forced into boxes.
And you wonder why I knit, and make my own jewellery.


  1. Gah!!! Thats why I make my own too!!

  2. Oh - it's also why I've been buying men's pyjamas. Women's pyjamas are just too pink and heart-y. Give me skull & crossbones on navy instead :D

  3. Just love the name of your Blog. Yes, it made me look, and enjoy your writings. Keep up the fantastic work!


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