Friday, 13 January 2012

Christmas Hour by Hour

For some reason, on Christmas Day I decided to take a photo an hour - detailing my day. So, here it is - my visual diary of Christmas Day 2011.

0545: getting ready to do the dishes. *Sigh*

0645: at Kath & Muzz's, watching the chaos.

0745: breakfast time! Ham, pineapple & cheese croissants. Yummy!

0845: the Mac Juniors arrive - more present-y chaos.

0945: Santa on the fire truck - the annual fundraising run.

1045: gluten-free bread on to rise.

1145: knitting and watching Time Team I'd recorded earlier.

1245: bread done and cooling.

1345: time for a nana nap.

1445: time to roll over and nap some more.

1545: time for a quick read on the balcony, and a smoke, before getting ready.

1645: all packed and ready to go.

1745: just about present time.

1845: prepping dessert. Yum!

1945: watching the Christmas train.

2045: dessert over...

2145: time to head home.

2245: knitting with Molly on my knee, watching a doco on Star Wars I'd recorded earlier.

2345: feeding Molly, last act before bedtime.

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