Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Food fights

Following on from yesterday's post...
In order to keep fitting my wardrobe, I have to watch what I eat* and how much I eat¤. I don’t recommend my diet, seriously. I have food issues. I’m not anorexic or bulimic, but I don’t really enjoy food. I resent the amount of money, time, effort and thought it takes to cook and eat – or even decide what to eat. I have much better things to do with my time and money – like knit.
I have promised my oldest sister that I will eat at least one meal a day. So, these days – workdays that is – I start with a medium-sized bowl of porridge (jumbo oats, soaked overnight) with a handful of dried berries and a sliced banana.

I eat lunch on a Thursday, a weekly ‘date’ with a co-worker. Depending on budget and inclination what I eat varies from a sandwich to a burger combo to Chinese. Some nights, if I’ve been organised and taken something out to defrost, I’ll make dinner. I’m a fan of throw together quickly, leave to cook, cooking. So, my cheats version of a risotto works (and I don’t need to have defrosted anything). Casseroles are also a winner. Oh, and Alison & Simon Holst’s ‘No Knead Pizza’. I hate doing dishes, too, so the less I make, the better.

I have one latte a work day (two on a Friday) and, if I can be bothered, a cup or two of instant coffee or tea while at work. I might drink something when I get home – tea or milo – or maybe something cold±.

Otherwise, it’s all down to 10-15 cigarettes a day. Like I said, I don’t recommend it.

*Some of my clothes have a touch of stretch in them, which does give some leeway, as it were.
¤It was definitely my diet that made me a size 14 years ago.
±My sisters tell me that I’ve always eaten much like a lion – huge amounts one day, then hardly anything for the next couple. How will I cope being away for 12 days – eating in cafes and restaurants – paid for by someone else?» Seriously, that’s when I eat. When someone else makes it – and I don’t have to pay for it.

»Well, prepaid by me, really. But it’s LIKE it’s someone else. It’s not coming out of my wallet at point of sale.


  1. So know I know why Im not a size 7 - 10. I never miss a meal. lol I LOVE food!!!!!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your "stuff" in the last post and this.

    It's very brave to admit to your issues - and you're one of the few people I can admit some of my issues to, however comfortable I am to post about others. Seeing this makes me feel a little braver somehow.

    Maybe brave enough to get back to the blog?


  3. I loathe cooking too as I'd rather be reading, realxing with a glass of wine, playing with the boy, or reading. The only thing I detest more is housework which is why I fork out for a cleaner and why our house is very 'lived-in'!
    Having said that I do love my crock pot as I can throw something together in the morning and it will cook away, making dinner plus feezer meals to lessen future cooking, leaving more time to - you guessed it, read!

  4. Hey Fiona - I have a cleaner, too! She cleans, but I keep reassuring her that's she's a cleaner not a tidier.... that's my job to ignore.
    I struggle with the freezing and reheating thing, tho


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