Sunday, 8 September 2013

A week in fashion: 2 September to 7 September

My first week in a job, in a new location... so I made the most of it, and worked 6 days (while, 5.5 really...)

Monday 2 Sept:
going bright and colourful...

Tuesday 3 Sept:
on this day, a customer said:
'oh, you're the girl the ankle tattoo from
yesterday. You look very different today'

Wednesday 4 Sept:
it was a dress up day - but my costume came later
a name badge for 'Barbara Gordon'

Thursday 5 Sept:
my trousers drycleaned, finally!

Friday 6 Sept:
funnily enough, the manager visited -
her fav colour is purple...

Saturday 7 Sept:
time to relax, and dress down

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