Sunday, 8 September 2013

New week, new job

After many years, I started a new job. It's odd not knowing (almost) everything...

Transport was a theme for the week - trying to fine tune the commute. Oh, and technology!

Because I've changed computer systems / networks - I can't log on properly as myself. If I do log on as me, I can access the network drives, but not the library system, nor email, but can get to most websites. If I log on with a shared logon I can get into the library system, but little else - websites are blocked, and no network drives. Each day, under my personal login, my email (via the web) locks and freezes, so I have to log on under the shared logon. I have to do everything needing the shared drives first thing in the morning, and library stuff in the afternoon, after I've changed the logon I'm using. Friday, the manager and I filled in the form to get my profile sorted - we hadn't had much chance earlier.

Monday was test transport day. I left home at 7.20 to see how long it would take to walk to my pre-arranged meeting place with a co-worker. I thought it could take 40 minutes. It took 20. And, the traffic was bad. Getting home not bad, as dropped off at 'meeting place'.... So home by 6pm.
And, had a visit from honorary aunt and uncle, who live locally. I found out they'd visited a couple days the previous week, unsure when I started.

Tuesday morning I left later - and stopped off for a coffee on the way. Home, same as above.

Wednesday morning, same as Tuesday. But the coffee was really bad this time!
Home: caught the bus - and not a problem, doing the transfer and everything. The joys of being pretty much the only passenger, and that the driver is friendly, is that he made sure my connecting bus waited for me. Home by 6.30pm.

Morning: after the disaster of not meeting my connecting bus when I did a trial a couple of weeks earlier, I wanted to be in place well before 8.05 to meet the bus. Thanks to the transport system, that meant I left home at 6.20 to walk - thought it would take 50 minutes, took 30 minutes. Got to the bus stop at 6.50, caught the 7.10 bus, which got me to the connection at 7.30. So, well before I needed to be there. Score!

Family who live locally visited, too. Which was lovely...
But there's a funny story about Thursday...
Just before the local secondary school finishes for the day, we had a visit from their special needs unit students. I was sorting out membership for one of them, and finding her something to read, when the teacher said they were leaving, and she could meet them at the supermarket. She left to meet them, and came back moments later, in tears, because she couldn't find them. I reacted like it was an accident - didn't call for backup, didn't talk to anyone, just left with her and walked her back to school - hoping to catch up with the others. Which we did... at the school. She is 17, but stresses when alone. Although I didn't have my phone with me, I was sure we could sort something out, if her taxi had left without her.
On the plus side, I had a chance to bond with a customer! And, I found out where the secondary school was (and the primary school, too, as I walked past it), and had a chance to talk to a teacher. Slightly unexpected outreach, but still...

Then, the afternoon home as before...

Friday: morning as Thursday, but left home a bit later. Friday, worked the late night until 6.30, so caught 6.45 bus which got me to the connection place at 7.20 - where my mum met me, as there isn't a direct bus to my place at that time. (Well, there is, but it leaves at 8  - which is when I got home).

Saturday morning, I completely stuffed up! Left a couple of minutes later than planned, and missed my bus! Luckily, my sister had texted and said I could connect her if anything went wrong. So, rescued! And she got to see inside the library, and meet the temporary manager, before we opened.
Home: not an issue... buses all worked, all did the connection thing. Met my sister and mum at the shops in 'town' for a couple of hours... Home to watch the Shield match.

Now, ready for week two!

I'm ok asking for help - questions - all that stuff. I've been told not to try too hard, and do too much. But, the technical issues means there isn't much I can do... I'm used to having very few free hours, ie not in direct customer contact, so am finding it odd to have time to do stuff, particularly when there is little stuff I can currently do.
I'm feeling my way around, trying not to step on anyone's toes. I'm hoping I'm helping, and adding to the team.

I am doing all I can to live up to everyone's expectations - including my own.

I want to make a difference - to the team, and to the community.

It's going to take longer than a week, I know that. I just hope that my first week helped with my goal. (And not just worked on my fitness and future shin splints. Must save for better walking shoes)

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