Thursday, 21 February 2008

Book review time

You know that feeling when you buy/get something new and it's so fab that EVERYthing is better?

My mum got some new shoes - bouncy shoes - ones that made her feel like she could run and jump and do a lot of stuff she really shouldn't/couldn't. But that feeling of joy and invincibility can come at any age (even 70).
It's like getting the perfect bag/shoes/jewellery for the perfect outfit for the perfect day. And you know it's going to be perfect - because everything has to be when you have your new [insert object].

So, what does this have to do with a book review? Bring on New socks by Bob Shea.
A hip little chick with Buddy Holly glasses gets some new socks. And he can do anything! What's the first thing to do with new socks? Introduce them to wooden floor - whoa! What else do you do? Invincibility and confidence...
'Watch me not be scared on the big kids slide. In my new socks.'
Joy and exuberance abound in this retro/hip picture book - with fab retro illustrations and minimal colour palette.

Give it a go and remember how cool that feeling is.

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