Thursday, 7 February 2008

A trip down memory lane...

So, this new book appeared on our shelves which led to much discussion... what was your favourite Little Golden Book?
Mine were:
The monster at the end of this book - when you're a child, you never know when a book's ending might change...
Sleeping Beauty - no, NOT the Disney version! But a fabulous version with people dressed in high-middle ages garb (women in hennin and stuff) [which I cannot find anywhere!]
Tootle was pretty cool - rebellious wee train engine that he was. Color kittens and Busy Timmy (which had the wonder of Eloise Wilkin's illustrations)
And you?


  1. I loved "The Monster". I think I actually got that it was a concept - I read it at about 8 or 9 - but it was a clever enough conceit that I was tickled by it, and also I strongly identified with Grover being a scrawny youngster.

  2. Vivid memories of holding the pages down... just in case...
    I've seen the destruction a scared child can have on a book - my sister's copy of Rod Campbell's 'I won't bite' is missing a lion's mouth, courtsey of one of her children.

  3. 'I won't bite' is one of my fave readalouds for very littlies... it always amazes me how they fall for it every time...


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