Thursday, 12 March 2009

Air conned

Until recently, outside it's been like we live in a tropical island - temperature in the mid-20s (Celsius) with 90% humidity (or more)... while in my office I'm wearing a warm cardy and glittens (my word) - handy-dandy partly-fingerless gloves, with pull-over tops to turn them into mittens.
What's with that? No wonder everyone is falling like flies to the dreaded lurgy.
I'm not, of course, I think it's a result on my unhealthy lifestyle - sitting around outside in all weather, inhaling bad air - it must be responsible for the bug resistence (and my 380+ hours of sick leave - the joys of being on an old contract).
But the weather is on the turn - and I'm about to break out my t-shirt material sheets.

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