Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Update on the Mollster

Here she is... demanding attention...
Molly is doing well. She's not entirely sure about this 'inside cat' thing. I'm going to have to watch her weight as she's not exercising now, but is insisting on eating the same amount.
And she is making craftwork even more difficult than before - now EVERY night she is in my face - literally - demanding attention. All while I'm trying to knit a blanket for the ex-flatmate's baby... Oh, and work on my Bead Challenge entry.
So, following on from the general Cat Pee Wars... all up, the territorial dispute has cost nearly $600.
On the plus side - there's no marking going on now Molly is the only cat allowed in the house!
But, this morning her insistence on staying on the balcony (after I'd been out for a cigarette) left me running late for work, and I forgot to bring my books back to the library!

1 comment:

  1. I am so glad she is doing well. To bad about the pee wars costing soooo much money. I think a b-b gun could be in order. Sit on your blacony, have a smoke, then shoot the little cats that are causing you the problems. Nothing like a bruised bum to stop the peeing. (Just Kidding)


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