Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A week in the life... (not for the squeamish)

of me and my cat, Molly...
Last Monday I took photos of Molly enjoying the sun.
On Friday, I followed my usual morning routine... up at 5.30am, up the stairs to fed the Molly-ster & have a smoke... and was greeted with this lovely sight
So, texted my mother to see if she was available to take us to the vet; texted the sister up the road to see if I could borrow the cat cage... checked when the vet opened, and then sat and patted her for an hour until Mum arrived. Oh, and texted the boss to say I might make it in; oh, and Ana, to say I wouldn't make it for coffee that morning.
Off to the vet! And, so I stop feeling guilty that this is all because I moved her somewhere with horrible cats that invade her space... she was last at the vet's 3 years ago with a cat bite wound or two, one in her ear...
My mum isn't necessarily that fond of Molly (Molly is very vocal & demanding), but Mum was worried. This was not the normal behaviour of my Mollwoll... No cat cage to the vet's, she just lay quiet in my arms, wrapped in a towel, with very little noise or movement. We didn't think the vet had taken her temperature, she just lay like a fluffy slipper on the bench and didn't move or make a noise.
Check up... abscess... operation pending... small heart murmur... but kidneys and teeth and gums all fabulous. Not bad for nearly 13. Home, waiting by the phone...
Go to pick her home. She claws her way out of the cat cage and stumbles, drunkenly, up the stairs straight to her food bowl, and glared at me, because she couldn't reach her food... hence the temporary dining arrangements as below.

The rest of the weekend was spent quite uncomfortably. My big sister visited her on Saturday, while I was at work, and got trapped patting her - yes, the needy cat - but Molly was distracted by new food put out... always works.
She didn't navigate well with the collar on - was more inclined to bump into things and then give up, rather than negotiate her way around obstacles... But she did do a great Snoppy Vulture impression over the weekend!
Then, back to the vet's yesterday to have everything removed. That time, she leapt from the cage and ran & hit under my bed. Finally, she was able to clean herself...
So, back to normal - I can stop having to lift her on and off furniture, and move stuff out of her way (oh, and gross bit - trim dried poo off her fluff, because she hasn't been able to clean herself all weekend...)
Thank goodness! I am so NOT cut out to be a nurse to any creature. But now I have the unenviable task of turning my outdoors cat into an indoors cat, with supervised outside visits.
For more photos, visit my facebook album.

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  1. Oh you poor thing. Is she OK? Are you OK?
    We have hens. YEY! Check out the photos on my blog


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