Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thanks to mum...

Well, I've got to have someone to blame for these character traits!

Thanks to my mother I am:
  • prone to craft-y obsessions [maybe with a bit of help from the artisan father]
  • disinclined to do housework
  • more likely to be found reading than doing housework [that's so no Dad]
  • the possessor of an eclectic personal library taking over my spare room
  • swayed by accessories - shoes are definitely thanks to her - and probably the jewellery! [I think I just added the handbags. Maybe there weren't that many around???]
  • likely to put my hand up for a job
  • an easy mark for getting involved in a volunteer organisation
  • likely to start taking OVER in the said organsation because - again, thanks to her!
  • fully capable OF taking over and doing a reasonable job of it...
  • likely to be embarrassed about being singled out for praise because of it - it's just a job that needs doing
  • going to work to the best of my ability [oh, this one's from Dad, too...]

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  1. Hehe. So true. happy birthday sweetie. Hope your having a great day.


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