Friday, 19 November 2010


Done! All the Christmas socks I planned - and more - are completed. And, the baby shower socks - 4 different sizes, so future baby's parents are prepared. And, the socks I entered into a WI competition in October (which will do double duty as eldest sis' birthday present in July)... So - onto next-sister-up's presents...

I've made changes to my pattern - all updated on the patterns page of this blog. You can email me if you want the new version. It has two extra baby sizes. Friends and family were texted to measure their babies' feet...

So - a couple of photos - the pile of socks - and the big-and-the-small of it! In the pile, the competition socks are missing.

That means - only two Christmas presents to buy! Yay... However, I refuse to 'wrap' the presents until December. With the socks, I'm planning on tying them together with pretty ribbon. I try not to wrap presents.

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