Thursday, 11 November 2010

Thoughts for Thursday: Rememberance Day

Yes, today is Remembrance Day. Yet, how many New Zealander's remember that this day is important.

We're all behind ANZAC Day - and so we damn well should be! - but there is also something significane in the acknowledgement of Remembrance Day.

On ANZAC Day, we remember and acknowledge the New Zealanders and Australians who have fought on our behalves across the years - whether we agree with the reasons behind the conflict or not - their courage and willingness to sacrifice their lives needs acknowledging. As a friend's grandmother once said about the returned World War Two vets she knew - none of the boys I knew came home. Yes, men looking much like them, and with their names, returned. But whatever essence of 'boy-ness' or innocence that left NZ with them - stayed overseas.

But - Remembrance Day. This day asks us to think about those lost in war across the world. Not just our own fallen.

When I grew up, the school bell would sound just before 11am, and we were asked to observe the traditional two minutes of silence.

Today - now - I will be doing so. Yes, I know no one else will know, but I will.

To soldiers - to those affected by war - past and present - here and overseas - I acknowledge and reflect upon your courage. I hope for your healing.

Kia kaha. Arohanui.

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