Friday, 6 May 2011

Thoughts for a Thursday... mothers

Belated thoughts. I wrote this on Thursday, but computer access limited until now...

I've written about my mum and my nanas before. With Mother's day coming up, I wondered what more I had to say. Well, a lot really, but not all of it appropriate to a public forum. Instead, I thought about non-mothers - or, un-mothers, as my oldest sister and I call ourselves (and we sometimes give each other Happy Un-Mother's Day presents).

I think mothers (and fathers) are wonderful. I think the decision to have children, to nurture them - body & soul, mind & spirit - so they become amazing human beings, is a joyous thing.

But, I also think there is too much pressure and expectation to join this band.

Motherhood wasn't an option for me, for reasons that you don't need to know. They are my reasons.

Why do those of us without children - for whatever reasons - are made to feel somehow lesser beings?

Parenthood should be a choice, made with both emotion and logic. But it should not be a matter of public debate and discussion, particularly if you have not gone down that route.

I believe you can have a happy and fulfilled life with children. I believe you can have a happy and fulfilled life without children.

It is your choice.

It is your life.

The rest of the world can just butt out.

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  1. Kia ora.

    I've said it to you before. We are fully capable of living lives rich with love.


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