Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday...for the girls

Being a Nana seems to be fashionable now. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm one of them. I've talked before about domestic arts, and housework - and the difference. I subscribe to Wendyl Nissen's newsletter, and use her laundry liquid. (One day I might even make my own.)
Today I came over all Nana-ish and sent my mother - yes, my mother! - housework tips! Gosh... Anyway - for those interested:
Add one cup of white vinegar into your final clothes wash rinse to soften clothes and strip out any laundry powder residue (which can cause skin reactions).
Put a couple of drops of liquid soap onto a dry cloth and wipe over your bathroom window. It will stop fogging thanks to steam for a while. Once the fogging begins again, it's really easy to wipe clean and clears quickly when wiped.

On the subject of Nanas...
Yesterday, I spent the day at the Auckland West Federation of Women's Institutes AGM. I managed NOT to be nominated  - or nominate myself - onto the federation committee. (However, I did volunteer to be co-opted if needed.)  So, a day surrounded by wonderful women. Mostly older, it must be said. (And I felt like an idiot, putting out coffee cups & napkins, while the older folk put out the tables & chairs. Damn back injury.)

To all women out there - join them! If you can't make meetings, become an associate member, like me. Each institute and federation has a 'roll call' - things you can do to help out community groups. Simple things like boxes of tissues for a local special school. If you're crafty, you can make bibs for them. Or knit beanies / bootees / jumpers for hospitals, etc. Every institute and federation will have their own list. They're one of those organisations that work quietly in the background, doing little bits to help in their community. Unsung heroes.

Seriously, what's not to like about an organisation whose motto is: To encourage and inspire women within a dynamic, caring organisation.

They would welome you. I promise. My niece and her son have been welcomed by her local institute, although most of the other members are old enough to be her grandmother (one of them is, of course). If you think you're too young, take along a friend your own age. If you're an at-home mother, for whatever length of time, there's a built-in group of support / help / advice (good or otherwise) there.

If you don't have a nana of your own - there's a group there with a Nana for you.

If you don't have any craft-y skills now, you will have, if you're willing to learn.

So - whose up to the challenge? Join the nanas. Learn new skills. Meet new people. Find some adoptable nanas for yourself. Give to the community. Be a hero.

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