Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Kindred spirits...

Many moons ago... at the beginning of our web 2.0 learning journey Fi blogged about typing using typewriters, and I commented on her post... well, today I stumbled across a blog post from Robin McKinley, one of my all time fav authors, all about the 'joys' of modern technology... extract below...
Remember when we used to complain about how unpredictable and unreliable people are? (And possibly hellhounds. And rose-bushes. And . . . ) And machinery was reliable? The car that started first time, every time (and if it didn’t you lifted the lid and reached in and twiddled something and then poured a little wine on the ground and threw some salt over your shoulder and then it started). And manual typewriters. Real first-time-every-time-start machinery, a manual typewriter. Or if one of these solid, and, you know, fondlable, items didn’t work, you could usually figure out why. The engine fell out. Somebody dropped a piano on it. You may have been in a deep manure heap because of what had happened, but at least you knew what it was.
If you're exploring around Robin McKinley, make sure you read Author as Bitch from Hell

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  1. I guess I realised the end was nigh when I came to the conclusion that most things you buy these days CANNOT be fixed with a combination of gaffer tape and #8 wire! What is New Zealand coming to? They'll tell us that frujus,marmite,tomato sauce and other wonderful icons like steak & cheese pies are bad for us next (oh, bugger they've already done that about that last one)


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