Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Book review time

After sharing my thoughts, and finding fellow Georgette Heyer lovers out there... my favourite Heyer is... A Civil Contract. Why? Because it doesn't fit the traditional romance mould. Adam, newly made Viscount, has returned a hero from the Peninsular War (standard so far). Because he's trying to rebuild his family's fortune, his love match is denied and he must marry for money. His first love's father puts him in the way of Jonathan Chawleigh who has a daughter, Jenny, he wants to marry into the gentry. Adam makes the best of things. Jenny isn't lithe, she isn't beautiful, she doesn't glide - none of the qualities of his first love - Julia - at all. However, by the end of the book, it is obvious they have all made peace - even though Adam knows how he feels for Jenny isn't how she wants to be loved - he still loves her and appreciates her good qualities, and they share a sense of humour and genuine affection. He has also come to realise that a life with Julia wouldn't suit him at all - in alt at every moment!
The little character studies are gems - Adam's youngest sister is a delight. Jenny's father is so terribly a cit. And the glimpses into social mores are interesting - Julia offers to become Adam's mistress once they are both married, and Adam declines as Jenny has been raised with different expectations and behaviour.
A book to be savoured and reflected upon.


  1. I don't know the name of my favourite.

    I just know it's the one with the Baluchistan Hound in it.

    Alright you librarians, let's see who remembers that.

    No googling... I could do that myself!

  2. Good lord! No idea!
    It's weird, isn't it, the things we remember from books/movies/songs - the bits that stick and have importance/relevance to you - or where you're at at the time


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