Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Summer = cold
Why is it that, with air conditioning, you put more clothes on in summer than in winter when you're inside? It takes over 30 minutes for me to have warm fingers after being inside at work.
Why is it that, with air conditioning, it's warmer OUTSIDE the bus in winter than it is INSIDE...

Bunny rabbits AWOL
Call me weird (I'm used to it), but one of the joys of busing to work is going past Western Springs and trying to spot bunny rabbits. And I haven't seen any in MONTHS. Were they poisoned in March, along with the birds?
I know they're a pest. I know they should never have been introduced to New Zealand. But, come on! They're not exactly devastating farm land in Western Springs! And, besides, pukekos can be just as fatal to plants (and more fatal to ducklings, I've heard...)

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