Sunday, 20 January 2008

Random stuff

They did it! Go India!

And, if I was still doing that whole 23 web.20 thingy... fav tech thing... streaming radio live. First radio sport... now... Hauraki - currently listening to Nights with Alice Cooper - who, as I type, has admitted to being a huge Burt Bacharach fan.

This, while I'm working on the Storylines year book (yay also for handy-dandy flash drive) and double-checking references and making sure names are correct and all that stuff. Now... is it HarperCollins or HarperCollinsPublishing? Is it Bloomsbury or Bloomsbury Press? Shesh... continuity's a pain.

PS - still no bunnies at Western Springs

And my comic reading buds understand my rant... knew they would. Have also received support via email. Yes, I did read it - and am trying to think of any authors to recommend. PS - my sister is currently going through a Lackey phase - mainly 500 Kingdom series. I like the Elemental Masters series, myself.

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