Friday, 16 January 2009

30 years ago today...

My oldest nephew was born. Here he is, being an uncle himself.
Happy birthday!
These were the days when children weren't that welcome in hospitals. Luckily for me, a few months earlier a friend had had a baby and my presence was explained. So, when the nurse looked sideways at me visiting my brand new baby nephew, I was prepared. "I'm an auntie! I'm an auntie!" The enthusiasm let me stay.
1979 was a great year.
It was International Year of the Child so stuff was released to coincide - and not just my nephew.
I like this poem - I still have my very bedraggled and falling-apart copy. This isn't the cover I have.
There's a hippo in my bathtub by Anne Murray, again not the cover I have.
And... my mum came home.
Two people I love and respect
Two tangible things that connect me to the child I was - and the one within
Four things to treasure
Countless memories to cherish
I hope the gifts of 1979 stay with me forever

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  1. That was very moving; you write beautifully.


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