Friday, 9 January 2009

Test cricket dead? and pretty in pink

After watching the South Africa vs Australia test series, as much as possible - you'd have to say test cricket - good test cricket - was alive and well.

It had (almost) everything you'd want - drama, courage, ups, downs - the pendulum swung so much it almost became detached. Graeme Smith's gutsy return to the crease with broken arm. I thought only old-school All Blacks did that sort of thing. Photo stolen from PA images, via Cricinfo.

After 15 days of cricket, in total, it all came down to 5 minutes. Come on, how much closer do you need to get?
On that - look at the photo. Notice the colour of the wickets? And, if you look really closely, the colour of the 3 on the Aussie fielder's uniform? Why? It comes from Cricket Australia's support of the McGrath Foundation - set up by former cricketer Glenn McGrath & his wife Jane, to fund specialist breast care nurses in areas currently without them.
If you happened to watch any of the recent Rugby League World Cup, you might have noticed the lovely pink jersey's the refs were wearing. That's because the World Cup supported breast cancer charities.
And, what do we do in New Zealand? It seems that everything we do for Breast Cancer research & funding & support is focussed on women. Understandable, of course, but by being out there - and pink - these Aussie sportsmen (leaguies in particular!) are showing they're not afraid to wear pink for a good cause.
My organisation? Well, we're lucky to get 10 people on the Dove Pink Star Walk a year.

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