Friday, 15 May 2009

A moving week

Friday: packing; meet the landlords; pick up the keys; final bit of measuring up
Saturday: up at 6 - final packing; 7am sister & brother-in-law arrive - bed dismantled, etc; 8.15 movers arrive; 10am at new place, have a coffee, eat morning tea (thanks mum) and watch the movers; 11am most of the family arrive & start unpacking... 5pm all alone...
Sunday: spend 10 minutes figuring out how to work the shower; Mothers' Day morning tea at mum's; shopping for essentials - knives, pots, rubbish bin & lots of other stuff, mostly in red.
Monday: sleep & read; stare blankly & worriedly at the number of boxes & bags I have to unpack (how many clothes, bags, shoes & books do I own!); ring Sky
Tuesday: reprise of Monday; ring Sky & phone company (no phone).
Wednesday: Sky-man arrives; TV still black & white, or weird colour options - bother; phone on; start seriously working on unpacking clothes.
Thursday: 11am Mum, Sara & Kaydin come to take me TV shopping; get home - Sky cables don't fit on new TV; phone dead. Ring Sky & phone company; finish sorting out clothes; start sorting out books.
Friday: finishing sorting out books - realise I do need one of those shelves I left behind; phone men arrive & fix phone; Sky rings - just as I'm heading out the door to town to go to a writers' festival event; walk to bus, timing the trip; get to town & buy drawer organisers; return library books - get more out; go to writers' festival, meet up with friends, see art installation organised by niece (good job Hannah); lift home; ex-flatmate & his partner visit - pass over stuff. Hear the disasters they're having with their phone.
Saturday: I pray Sky come back, either really early or late afternoon - but I have to pay them for it... the joy!!!

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