Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The value of small, specialist shops

As you all know, my second home is the Bead Hold. It's a small, specialist shop with warm, friendly staff. The sort of place you know you visit a lot when the staff hassle you when you come in, they know how you have your coffee (and don't bother asking if you want one...), you know all their names - and you can, to a certain extent, help yourself in the shop. It's a true community of like-minded friends - a family of sorts.
Today I visited another small, specialist shop - Masco Wools in the Downtown shopping centre. The lovely lady asked if I needed help - I explained what I was looking for.
And, instead of finding me a pattern to buy, showed me a pattern in a book and wrote down the instructions. Ok - it's not that hard, I was looking for ideas for a baby blanket for the upcoming Olivia Eilene 'Olly' - due in October, and I wanted something colourful, and easy to wash. She picked wool for me - just what I wanted too - soft acrylic, rather than wool.
And this is why I prefer to go to such shops than big chains... Support them!

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