Saturday, 28 November 2009

Friday favs...

It's cricket season... which brings to mind one of the best ever sessions of cricket I can remember.

I remember the contest. And the doggedness of the player. The determination to do his part for team. I remember watching every ball. Watching him NOT get out. Watching him batting for time - to save the innings and the test. I remember my mum, dad & I cheering each and every dot ball. I remember my uncle saying it was boring. But it wasn't. It was real cricket.

What I couldn't remember was the player... but a friendly workmate did remember.

So, today - a link to an article about Geoff Allott's [then - possibly still] world-record for longest innings without scoring a run.

It's moments like those which makes me sit and watch cricket for days on end. Or keep an eye on cricinfo... like today.

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