Thursday, 5 November 2009

In which we learn the value of questions...

Just got my latest power bill and I'm so happy. Yes, happy that I have a bill...

To explain. I moved into the flat in June. Got my first power bill... and almost collapsed. There's me & my cat. Yes, I had had two heaters and an electric blanket. But I wasn't profligate in my usage of power. At least, I didn't think so.
Amounts rounded up/down to nearest $5
June: $325 - meter read
July: $230 - estimated
August: $255 - meter read.
At which point I contacted the landlord to have the hotwater checked... since then...
September: $85 - meter read. And smart meter installed.
October: $60...
See - bills can make you happy!

PS - while the plumber was on the roof fixing my hotwater overflow, he noticed three other units had overflowing water. The unit next door was getting bills up to $800 a month! Why the hell they didn't have anything checked earlier I have no idea!


  1. I bet your glad you got it checked out. That was way high for just you and your puddy tat.

  2. Oh so glad! The big bills were more than we'd been paying when there were 4 of us - some days 5 - in the old house!


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