Sunday, 7 July 2013

A week in clothes: 2 July to 6 July 2013

Encouraged by my mother's determination to see what I'm wearing to work each day - I have been taking photos of my outfits each morning. I've tried to remember where I bought the clothes from, but a lot are from years ago... So, I can't help with dates of purchase, either!

So, herewith, photos from the first week I did this

Tuesday 2 July
top from a second hand place years ago
trousers from Max Fashions last year
shoes from Ballentynes Fashion Central

Wednesday 3 July
[late night at work]
cardigan from Ezibuy ages ago
tshirt from work
trousers from Max Fashions last year
shoes from Number One Shoes

Thursday 4 July
jacket from Famers last year
top from Shanton last year
skirt from Ezibuy this year
boots from Overland last year
ring made by me

Friday 5 July
cardigan from Pagani
dress from Shanton
bracelet made by me

Saturday 6 July
tshirt from Mr Vintage
jeans from Cotton On last year

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  1. Love your Thursday skirt. You look fabulous in whatever you wear :)


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