Sunday, 28 July 2013

A week in fashion: 23 July to 27 July

A couple of days at a hui / conference to start the week. I swear my shoes, on Wednesday, were the highlight of the day... LOTS of comments on them, and disbelief about where I got them from...

Tuesday 23 July [hui day]
top from Famers
dress from Pagani last year

Wednesday 24 July
close up of the SHOES from Ballentynes Fashion Central last month

Wednesday 24 July [hui day]
cardigan from Glassons ages ago
top from Shanton
jeans from Jeanswest
NOT wearing the shoes - they are
wearing AT work shoes,
 not wearing TO work shoes

Thursday 25 July
dress from Shanton

Friday 26 July
cardigan from Pagani
skirt from Shanton

Saturday 27 July
top from Shanton
merino from Glassons
jeans Jeanswest

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  1. You really do have the funkiest clothes ever :) Love the shoes.


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