Sunday, 14 July 2013

A week in clothes: 9 July to 13 July

My second week of documenting my outfits.

I began this time by sorting out my outfits for the next two weeks of work. Saves time in the morning!

from underwear out, a couple of weeks of clothes

Tuesday 9 July
dress Smoove Reworked Vintage
tshirt Farmers last year
in case you didn't notice
green stockings, too

and with a longline
cardigan from Pagani a while ago

Wednesday 19 July
[late night at work]
all Shanton... last year? earlier this year?
 apart from the shoes
please note the gold stockings...

Thursday 11 July
dress Shanton earlier this year?
jacket Ezibuy last month
leggings for warmth!
shoes Number One
necklace made by me

Friday 12 July
this time, all Pagani
from a couple of years ago
including the belt

Saturday 13 July
hand-me-down top
jeans from Jeanswest last year?

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