Saturday, 20 February 2021

Book illustrators - #BookIllustrationOfTheDay3

Inspired by the marvellous @mrjamesmayhew... a thread of *some* of my favourite illustrators, almost all sourced from my bookshelves. #BookIllustrationOfTheDay3. I love James' Katie series, for making art history child friendly. I *need* to own the Mrs Noah books! (I have ordered them from my local bookshop.) 

My earliest book memories are dominated by the 60s and 70s... as evidenced by Margaret Mahy's The lion in the meadow, illustrated by Jenny Williams. This is my first library memory - buying a withdrawn copy of this!

I blame these books for my medieval 30th, and the theme of my MA, and the biggest cross stitch I've done. 


Who else remembers the Ready to Read series - not the American one, but the New Zealand one from the 1960s. No idea of the illustrator! The hungry lambs is the one I remember most.

Staying in NZ, David Elliott!I'm sure the stockings are inspired by the Wife of Bath Hir hosen weren of fyn scarlet reed, (Her stockings were of fine scarlet red).

Robyn Belton and Sandra Morris. 

Bruce Potter. This is my mum's collection!

Gavin Bishop! He has always been amazing, but has stepped it up in recent years. (Check out the eyes of Ranginui in the sky as the colonisation spreads.) 

NZ author, Margaret Mahy, with UK illustrator, Polly Dunbar. I love the vibrancy and depth.

To the neighbours, Australia. The bunyip of Berkley's Creek, illustrated by Ron Brooks, is another early childhood memory. But I love his different style as seen in Old Pig. The closeness of Old Pig and Granddaughter. The sadness that oozes from Granddaughter.

JULIE VIVAS! I like her just a little...

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Jeannie Baker! I have seen one of her assemblages on display. WOW!

Shaun Tan. Where to start?!

Stephen Michael King. His whimsical, but emotional depths through just a few lines, astounds me.

Freya Blackwood.

Now, back to the UK. Charles Keeping.

Helen Oxenbury. Lauren Child. Guy Parker-Rees.

Debi Gliori. I'm not sure which image of Small I want as a tattoo.

Now, illustrated chapter books. C Walter Hodges and Peter Boston. Yes, that's my back. 
I've always wanted a Toby mouse - and spent ages looking for the 'B' in each illustration in my copies. 

Now is the time to remind everyone to follow the wonderful
@ShirleyHughes_! Clare at SHHQ does an amazing job sharing Shirley's work.

My great-nieces' current obsessions are Judith Kerr and Jim Field.

#BookIllustrationOfTheDay3 continued... with the US, starting with Holly Hobbie. I am a child of the 70s... I wore Holly Hobbie dresses. I still have them, but they don't fit, oddly enough.

Tommie de Paola and Patricia Polacco. Both mine their family / personal history. 

So many more! Kevin Henkes. Mo Willems. Peter H Reynolds. David Small.

Dan Santat!

Now, a touch of religion with Joe Cepeda and... Leo & Diane Dillion.

I *really* need to up my international collection with only this one beauty at home. Illustrated by Dong-Sung Kim.

How could I forget Dame Lynley Dodd! I've spent the day making silhouettes of Hairy Maclary and friends! And quoting from Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack.