Friday, 4 December 2009

1001 children's books... part 1

There's a new book in our collection - 1001 children's books you must read before you grow up. [I'm sure, one day!, the 1001 site will have it included in its catalogue...]
Anyway... I've been going through the lists. It's arranged into age groups, then chronologically within these. Let's see how I've gone. I haven't grown up yet, so there's still time...

Ages 0-3:
  1. The little engine that could by Walter Piper, illustrated Lois Lenski - nope, but heard it!
  2. Pat the bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt - nope
  3. Make way for ducklings by Robert McCloskey - YES!
  4. The runaway bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd - YES
  5. The three railway engines by Rev W Awdry - nope
  6. Thomas the tank engine by Rev W Awdry - nope
  7. Goodnight moon by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd - YES
  8. Lavender's Blue by Kathleen Lines, illustrated by Harold Jones - nope
  9. Bedtime for Frances by Russell Hoban, illustrated by Garth Williams - YES
  10. Miffy by Dick Bruna - YES
  11. Rosie's walk by Pat Hutchins - YES
  12. The elephant and the bad baby by Elfrida Vipont, illustrated by Raymond Briggs - YES
  13. The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle - YES
  14. Mr Gumpy's outing by John Burningham - YES
  15. Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll, illustrated by Jan Pienkowski - YES
  16. Good night, Alfie Atkins by Gunilla Bergstrom [orig. pub. Sweden] - no
  17. Little Brown Bear by Claude Lebrun, illustrated Daniele Bour [orig. pub. France] - no
  18. Little Spook's baby sister by Inger Sandberg, illustrated Lass Sandberg [orig. pub. Sweden] - no
  19. Fly, little bird by Francesco Tullio Altan [orig. pub. Italy] - no
  20. Each peach pear plum by Allan & Janet Ahlberg - YES
  21. Where's Spot? by Eric Hill - YES
  22. The baby's catalogue -by Allan & Janet Ahlberg - YES
  23. Dear zoo by Rod Campbell - YES
  24. Good dog, Carl by Alexandra Day - YES
  25. Bathwater's hot by Shirley Hughes - no
  26. Tickle, tickle by Helen Oxenbury - no
  27. Elmer by David McKee - YES
  28. We're going on a bear hunt retold by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury - YES
  29. Bunny bath by Lena Anderson [orig. pub. Sweden] - no
  30. Kipper by Mick Inkpen - YES
  31. Maisy goes to playschool by Lucy Cousins - no... but I have read lots of other Maisy books
  32. Owl babies by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Patrick Benson - YES and I own a copy!
  33. Handa's surprise by Eileen Browne - YES
  34. Alvin says good night by Ulf Lofgren [orig. pub. Sweden] - no
  35. The bear went over the mountain by John Prater - YES
  36. Humphrey's corner by Sally Hunter - YES
  37. Julian the rabbit by Nicolette Costa [orig. pub. Italy] - no

Final tally: 22 out of 37.

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  1. From facebook:
    Crissi: 23 for me. I look forward to seeing more lists... perhaps I should borrow the book, it's going to take you a while to type out 1001 titles!
    Annie: I'll bring it with on Monday!


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